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Dear Michael Stars:

I am writing today to tell you just how much I resent your “one size fits most” distinction. By “most” I can only assume you mean “Most underweight, pre-pubescent girls whose hips and boobs have yet to come in.” But, I imagine that would have been pretty tough to fit on a label.

And to the makers of the “Miracle Suit”, “Spanx” and various other body shapers: How is making me look like a sausage in a casing in any way more desirable than the natural curves of my 36-year-old body?

In short, wake up. The 11-21 year old age bracket may have a huge cache of expendable income, but don’t forget their mommies gave it to them. And we like to buy clothes, too.

End of rant.

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  1. Sarah says

    Skweez Couture is something new in shapewear that is coming out in September. It looks like it will be flattering and comfortable from the pictures i’ve seen.

  2. alonna says

    I love how they put the “one size fits most” to get out of any fall out if it doesn’t fit. Instead of one size fits all. Well you got us there Michael! I have this conversation a lot. When will they make clothes for people our age? I mean who buys the 3 inch inseam shorts on all the racks? I don’t want to walk around with my butt cheeks hanging out! Or what if you had to bend down? I can only imagine that a 15 – 17 year old with no hips and on a strict diet of lettuce can pull this off. I once had an idea for a store for women. Not teens not the 50 something crowd, our age! Picture this.. A store with clothes in a lot of sizes with spaces big enough to push a stroller through! Maybe even a supervised play area gated off for kids, with someone watching for a small fee. I would pay it if it looked safe! Then we could take our time look around at the 5 inch inseam shorts and tops in bright colors. Sundresses, cute sandals, and undergarment section with no thongs! The possibilities are endless! I’ve said my peace lol.

  3. Liza says

    The genius store claeld, they’re running out of you.

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