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Well…that explains it

Sam raced toward me waving the torn nametag that normally denotes which shoe basket belongs to Will. “Mommy!!!” he panted. “I did NOT tore dis. Neither did Jack or Tom!!!”

With barely a glance away from the family computer, Will tosses over his shoulder, “Nah… I did it.”

Sam is physically taken aback. He goggles at Will, then me, then the torn paper and finally back to Will again.

“Why would you do that???” he asks.

“Because I changed my name to Mr. Messy,” Will replies matter-of-factly.

Then they both die laughing.

There’s no moral to this story — I just didn’t want to forget it.

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  1. Robin O'Bryant says

    Absolutely the best kind!!

  2. Tessa says

    I love those boys… I could just see their little faces as I was reading about this sweet story! Glad you shared!!

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