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Diet Daze

It’s morning too soon. Up all night long, I am a mom-zombie stumbling to the fridge in search of…well, thankfully not brains, but something that will fit in my new Weight Watchers diet plan. It’s not that restrictive really — all the fruits and vegetables I can eat. But I need some protein to get through this morning. I’m too tired to cook an egg, not interested in cold lunch meat. I settle on one of the colorful cups of Greek yogurt I’ve bought in honor of my new diet. I’m usually a traditional yogurt sort, but I’m gonna give this stuff a try — high protein, low fat, a “power food.” I peel open a cup of lemon yogurt, usually my go-to Yoplait flavor; it’s curdled. Seriously? I check the date; it’s still good. I stir it vigorously, but nope…those are curds. Into the garbage it goes.

I’m so tired, I wonder if I even want breakfast enough to try again, but I need fuel to get 4 boys up an at ’em. On to the peach cup. At least I’ve tried this flavor before. I pack it full of fresh blueberries. They cure a lot of ills. Stir, take a bite, chew. The chewing slows. Did it taste like this before? I mean I know Greek yogurt has a tang, but this tang has teeth and claws and a nasty attitude. I check the date on this one. Still good.

What to do? I’ve already logged the points for this mess. If I throw it away now, not only will I have to start over, but math might be involved. My head hurts. I stare a the lumpy contents of my cup and ponder which is worse — possibly spoiled yogurt or early morning math? I take another experimental bite. It’s no better, but I think I can stand it. I try to focus on my pants, and how nice it will be when they button again.

I’d fill you in on the further details of my exciting morning, but there are hungry animals drumming on my kitchen table, and I’m starting to fear for my safety.

So how’s your Tuesday shaping up?

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  1. Josie says

    Okay, I bought the lemon Greek yogurt last week and it just LOOKS like that. It’s little lemon bits or something. You kind of have to just not think about it and keep eating. That said, I won’t be buying any fruit flavored Greek yogurt again. My favorite Greek yogurt option is nonfat vanilla paired with FRESH fruit. Drizzle a little honey on top. In my experience, once I found the fruit-to-yogurt ratio I liked, I was a convert. Also, you may find you have a preference between Chobani and Oikos– they taste different!

  2. jodi says

    Ooh…which is the good one? I got all Chobani. Haven’t tried Oikos yet.

  3. Barbara says

    I say Oikos is better. I totally agree with Josie, the honey drizzle makes all the difference. I’m doing WW too. It’s a far different animal than the Exchanges plan I started with, almost like real eating.

  4. Jodi says

    Barbara, I bought vanilla Oikos yesterday, but forgot to eat it today. I’m gonna give it a shot tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for letting me know I’ve got someone to turn to for support! 😉

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