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Pirate Party

There are days I hope I’ll remember forever, and Jack’s 7th birthday party definitely qualifies. I’ve already stated to friends that this year is probably the last one where I’ll be able to do “little boy” things for him. Already the desire to be grown up (and the ensuing moodiness) is rearing its ugly head. But for this one day, fun reigned supreme.

Pirates say AAARGH!

His grandmother and I kind of went nuts on the decorating.

I don't want to know what maw maw had to do to earn these.

We only had a week to prepare, and I shudder to think what Linda could have cooked up if I’d given her another 7 days to scheme. Check out the ship’s cannons.

Pool noodles -- for sea dogs and land lubbers alike.

As it was, we staged a pirate battle complete with nerf cannon balls and confetti guns, walked the plank over dangerous rubber crocodiles,

fished for prizes (a clothes pin on the end of a fishing pole delivered a cache of chocolate coins in a genuine pirate drawstring bag), made pirate crafts (glitter glue is a @#$% to get out of fabric unless you act fast)

and finished up with a treasure hunt for a chest full of individual pirate goody bags.

Then there were ice cream boats, donut towers and ocean blue punch for snack.

Check out the mainsail on that Ice Cream Boat!

Or as Jason likes to call it, the “NOT IN THE CAR!” cocktail.

A hearty mix of Raspberry filled and plain doughnuts

Chocolate Iced and Cream-filled. *sigh*

Exhausting? Yes.

Messy? We cleaned the playroom with a shovel (literally) and a shopvac.

Worth it? Absolutely. After the treasure hunt, I heard Jack shout to the crowd of pirates gathered around him, “This is the best day ever!”

And you know what? It was.

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  1. Tessa says

    How much fun was that?!!! Loved looking at all the pictures!!! So glad Jack thought it was the best day ever!!! Love yall!!

  2. Anne Riley says

    This is great! You are the best mom in the world!

  3. Harley says

    Love. It.

    I know what I’m doing for *my* next birthday party.

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