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Drunch Date

Drunch (n.) – a meal served between breakfast and dinner involving the consumption of food (optional) and at least one adult beverage (obligatory). Bellinis, Bloody Marys or Margaritas suggested but not required.

O.k. I admit I made that definition up myself, but I think you get the idea. I’d never even heard of drunch until I was in my early thirties. I’d had 4 boys in under 2 years (my first son Jack, then 19 months later my triplets — Sam, Tom and Will). I’d moved to a new neighborhood where I knew no one and was too overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood to get out and meet people. Basically, I was just staggering through each day in a sleep deprived haze – fervently hoping I was fully dressed and did not have baby vomit or poop smeared somewhere obvious.

But thanks to J.T. being incredibly cool and outgoing (he gets it from his father), he made a host of friends at pre-school. And before I knew what was happening, play dates had turned into Mommy-can-stay-too dates. Which evolved into what we now call our Drunch Dates, or Drunch Bunch, or My Lifeline to Sanity. Over good food and better wine, I learned funny, laid-back kids tend to have funny, laid-back moms. They know they don’t have it all figured out, but are happy to share what’s been working for them lately, what hasn’t worked out so well, and what they’re going to try next.

So even if you’re stuck in a cube on the 12th floor of Hell, Inc., you’re invited to kick back, have a virtual glass of wine and dish on all the latest topics. Whether its food and fashion or nips and tucks, you’ll find nothing is off limits at Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Stella Blue says

    This is so funny. I mean really– you are hilarious and such a good writer! Can’t wait to hear more with my virtual glass of wine. Love i!!!

  2. Tamara says

    I LOVE IT!!! WOW, my friend, the freelance writer/blogger! Just don’t forget me when you’re famous writing books or self-help books for moms…LOL! I’m thinking my glass of wine might not be so virtual! Looking forward to checking in…

  3. Bells says

    I’ve been known to call it Linner. he he

    Can I say I did often wonder about how public your old blog was – real names etc. Looking forward to enjoying the new one just as much though.

  4. jodi says

    Well, thanks to you all! I appreciate your stopping by AND the fact that you recognize how life-affirming comments can be. 🙂

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