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Jon Minus Kate + 9?

Why? WHY am I so wrapped up in John and Kate plus 8? I think it’s pretty straightforward, she’s a maniacal control freak and he’s in some sort of catatonic state. The kids are cute, but I’ve got multiples of my own (although I will admit they went the extra mile to land themselves a t.v. series). And Kate’s hairstyle? Much like the Rachel a decade or so ago, I hated it to begin with, but it’s starting to worm its way into my good graces. Now that their divorce has been announced, the show’s on hiatus. But here’s the latest bombshell —New ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ episodes will include Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend . So essentially, the show’s gone from train wreck to Titanic status.

I make no judgments people. We all need to be entertained. And while I’ve never watched the show beyond that first special they did years ago, I admit to shelling out good money for US or People just to find out the latest wrinkle in this twisted tale. But honestly, if we had all collectively reached for the Parcheesi box a few years ago, would this family have gone FUBAR on their own? Perhaps. I mean it’s not like Kate’s on the short list for Miss Congeniality. But as the specter of “Octo-Mom: The Series” rears its ugly, ┬áhead, maybe it’s time to turn off the television and spend our time doing something more productive — like clipping our toenails or organizing our child’s sock drawer by color. Anything has got to be a step up at this point, right?

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