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Happy Anniversary, Honey!

I’d just like to wish my wonderful husband a very happy 15th Wedding Anniversary, and thank him for a decade and a half of love, support and devotion. I also want to tell him how much I appreciate him not leaving me that time I threw the remote control at his head, roughly 14 and a half years ago. Think of all the fun you would have missed, honey!


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  1. alonna says

    I once threw a box fan at my husbands head. I was 2 weeks into quitting smoking (which I am now almost 10 years without one thank you). All he said was “Good night, I hope you are in a better mood tomorrow.” And to me that meant thanks for being unsupportive so I must throw something at your face. Closest thing was in the floor so like the cave woman I was i yanked it out of the wall and threw it. The next day was a better one lol.

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