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The Man Behind the Curtain

Check out this blog. It belongs to the husband of Heather Armstrong, the much loved Dooce. You probably read Dooce daily. Apparently, half the free world reads Dooce daily, because she is making roughly half a million dollars a year in ad revenue alone. Factor in her book revenue, and believe me mommy bloggers are buying that sucker up left and right in hopes of cracking the secret to Dooce’s success. It’s like the Da Vinci cold only with less glamorous locations (unless you find the Mormon Tabernacle glamorous, in which case — well I simply don’t understand the way your mind works, but that’s neither here nor there). But let’s just say Mr. and Mrs. Heather Armstrong are cleaning up.

Anyway, a major feature of her blog — and one that keeps people coming back even when she hasn’t posted any new writing in a while — are the fantastic pictures. “How does she manage to write, raise a family AND mess around with photoshop all day?” I keep asking myself. Because to plump up one single picture to something that others might want to look at is a major headache for me. Mine are all dimly lit and blurry on a good day.

Now I realize that HER HUSBAND plays just as big a part as Heather — which I’m sure mine would love to do if it weren’t for that annoying full-time job of his. So I’m putting you all on notice — if you ever want to see any decent pictures on this site, my husband’s going to have to be responsible for them. So start clicking ads immediately. 1-2-3…Go!

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