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The T-Rex, the Dinosaur Killer and the Wardrobe

Jack was noodling around in our hall closet which houses — along with all the coats, jackets, hats and gloves 4 little boys require — a small toy box put there in hopes of keeping all eight hands occupied and away from the stove during dinner prep. As I watched, Jack stepped inside, shut the door behind him, and immediately began a series of shrieks, growls, thumps and shouts of “Help, Mom! There’s a T-Rex in here!” Thankfully, I have a few years of mothering under my belt and immediately realized the best course of action. I settled deeper into my chair and waited. Momentarily, the door was thrown open and Jack exited triumphantly, both hand raised above his head like a boxer leaving the ring.

“The world is now safe!” he intoned. “Just call me Dinosaur Killer.”

Later, he sat nearby as I shared the story with his dad over the phone.

“Yes,” I related, “He was very brave. I don’t know what we’d have done without Jack.”

Jack nudged my shoulder and whispered, “That’s Dinosaur Killer, Mom.”

“Sorry!” I whispered back. Turning to the phone once again, I reminded his dad to be sure to remember to give Dinosaur Killer a big hug and kiss once he got home.

Jack smiled proudly, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek to reward my obedience, and went on about the important business of sorting his cars and hiding his favorite toys from his little brothers.

I sat quietly a few moments longer, struggling to remember a time before Dinosaur Killers and 20 diapers a day. A faraway place where closets opened only to reveal outerwear in an orderly line and names didn’t change with your adventures. I smiled to myself, glad to be reminded that while I may lost my solitude and order, rest  and control, I’ve gained heros and dinosaurs, magic and wonder in return. A fair price, I’d say.

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  1. Paige says

    Sounds like you’ve got two men-of-the-house now!

  2. Margaret Crim says

    Having two grown children (28 and 24) and one almost grown (14) I would not give up one day, good or bad, the stresses are only minor compared to all the smiles and feelings of my heart going to explode from pride! Kids are God’s gift to us!

  3. jodi says

    It’s true Paige, he’s growing up way too fast. Next fall he starts big boy school! It’s killing me.

    Margaret, you’re so right. It’s all worth it at the end of the day. 🙂

  4. bells says

    Such a man. Wow.

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