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Will ran up to me while I was folding clothes. Wide-eyed and gripping his privates, he demanded, “Mom! I go pee pee potty.”

I turned to Jack who was lounging nearby, “Hey, babe. Go unlock the gate for Will to go potty, please.”

“Aaawww!” Jack whined as he slouched toward the doorway. “I’m tired of working for you!”

After I managed to stop laughing, I thought Kid, if you’re thinking of handing in your two weeks notice…GET IN LINE!!

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  1. Kristin Hodges says

    Love the new site:)looks great.
    two weeks notice? Hmmmmm. got me thinking…. LOL

  2. Bells says

    you may have a mutiny on your hands!

  3. ashley says

    I keep putting in my two weeks notice, but it continues to get ignored!

  4. jodi says

    Kristen and Ashley, I’ll go ahead and burst your bubble now — they won’t let you quit.

    Bells — The inmates are DEFINITELY running the asylum at this point. 🙂

  5. Amanda says

    My six year old told me the other day he was tired of being my slave. All I did was asked him to clean HIS room. I asked what a slave was and he said someone who does ALL the work. My reply was why do you think I had children. Children, you gotta love their point of view.:)

  6. Nicole Williamson says

    Thanks for the laughs. I’m still crying about “you hit me in the bladder!” 🙂

  7. jodi says

    Amanda — I can’t wait til they’re old enough to push a mop. Just the thought of it helps me get through the day.

    Nic — You are so welcome. I’m just happy to have an outlet to preserve my sanity (what’s left of it).

  8. Caitlin says

    Hahahaha I love it.

  9. Tamara says

    That Jack is HIL-A-RIOUS!!! I love it…thanks for the great belly laugh to end my day on!

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