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It’s Not Easy Being Green

And no the kids haven’t turned into frogs. I mean green as in queasy. Since late September we’ve been sick with something virtually non-stop. On today’s trip to the pediatrician, I asked him what I was doing wrong. I Lysol every surface imaginable. I wash their hands (and mine) regularly. We take vitamins and try to eat right (this is perhaps a bad time to admit I’ve subsisted this entire day on M&Ms and Mountain Dew). So why are we sick so much???

Our pediatrician was sympathetic, saying this has been a rough couple of months for everyone. Apparently, they’re seeing record numbers of office visits. But the primary reason he offered was the fact that four children cast a wider net for illness than one. If Jack manages to side-step a particular bug, it’s a cinch Tom, Sam or Will will run smack into it. And their dad and I get to tag along for the ride — from bronchitis to stomach flu.

Bottom line…I’m exhausted. I’m run down, and the creative juices are nothing but a dried-up, crusty patch on the right side of my brain (how’s that for imagery?). Who knew simply making it from one day to the next could be such an energy drain? Anyone else wondering if they’re going to make it off this Merry-Go-Round with their wits intact?

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  1. Tamara says

    So sorry y’all are still so sick! If it makes you feel better, I’m going on 15+ weeks of nausea!!!

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