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Lying to Myself

Up until this point, I’ve told myself with pride that I had no “stash.” In a knitter’s world this means no backlog of yarn to be used at a later date (What did YOU think a stash was?). When I had to give in and buy a set of organizer shelves to accommodate all the needles, patterns and yes, yarn stash, I finally had to admit that I may have a problem.

Speaking of, is it bad that this picture made my mouth water? It’s called Rusty Nail and is sold out of Cork, Ireland. * The birthplace of my ancestors!** I’ve never bought anything on Etsy before, but I’m thinking the time is drawing nigh.

*Whoops! Got my links mixed up in a previous draft of this post, but the proper folks are credited for the proper fibers now. Sorry for the confusion!

** O.k., so it could have been Limerick or Dublin or any number of places in Ireland I’ve never actually heard of. The details are sort of sketchy. What can I say? My ancestors were just as lousy at record keeping as I am.

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  1. Susan L says

    you so have to get this yarn … it’s good enough to eat!

  2. bells says


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