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Snow Day!

I don’t know what the weather’s like in your part of the world, but here in Alabama we’re smack dab in the middle of winter. Now I can count on one hand the number of snows I saw when I was a kid. And I can attest to the fact that I’ve been sledding exactly one time — and that’s only if you count sliding down a glorified mole-hill on a flattened cardboard box. But thanks to the inexplicably capricious nature of Global Warming, my kids have seen more snow by age five than I saw in my first 30 years.

Living here in the South, even the threat of a light dusting of snow can lead to the frenzied closing of businesses and schools and a run on every supermarket in a 50 mile radius for the bare necessities — Milk and Bread. I’ve never understood what exactly I’m supposed to do with all this milk and bread since peanut butter or bologna have never made the list of must haves. And I’m ashamed to admit that we are weathering the inch of snow that accumulated with NO MILK IN THE HOUSE.

Not that I didn’t try. I blame Target for selling me milk dated Feb. 20 that must have been bottled this time last year. So in lieu of a hearty lunch of milk and bread, we’ve had to settle for playing outside all afternoon.


Tom took to sledding like a duck to water.

As did Will.

Sam opted to practice his “Brooding/Pensive” pose to be ready for whatever sequel the Twilight series is on by the year 2025.

We made a fantastic snowman, which promptly fell over. And we were forced to rebuild him at the end of the excursion when daddy was feeling less than enthusiastic.


Don’t let his handsome smile fool you, he was just cracking up over the snow phallus I made him remove from Snowman Two’s bottom half.

Here’s a mystery for you to solve. If Jodi’s red leather gloves looked like this at the end of the outing…

…then which parts of the snowman did she help assemble?



If you guessed that eyes and noses are my specialty, YOU ARE CORRECT! And personally, I think Jack’s mini-snowman bears a striking resemblance to Telly from Sesame Street…or W.C. Fields. Take your pick.

And now for the end…literally. And no, Jack’s rear end isn’t actually located around his ankles, but his soggy, saggy jeans seemed to tell another story.


Hope your Friday was fantastic!

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  1. amy says

    Oh! Oh! You southerners CRACK ME UP!! My husband wandered by, looked over, and said, “You don’t wear leather gloves in the snow!!!” I hit Target for snow pants a way long time ago. (It’s so darn cold in the morning waiting for the bus that my boys wear the snow pants even when there’s no snow on the ground, for warmth.) And what is that, a couple inches? But Husband and I were just talking about this (apparently all of Dallas is in the dark?)–for areas that aren’t used to the snow, you just don’t have the infrastructure, or plan, or whatever you’d call it, to deal with it, so of course a few inches is serious business!

    (By the way, best I can figure, the milk and bread is for French toast. But that requires eggs, and we’re off eggs here at the moment…)

  2. jodi says

    Amy, where were you BEFORE I trashed my cute gloves, hmmmm? 😉 Seriously, I wasn’t lying. I’ve seen maybe two or three snows that produced enough to build a full-sized snowman (we are all experts on building scale models off the tops of cars and fence posts). The only conclusion I can draw is that Al Gore is full of $@*#. 🙂

  3. B says

    You took pictures!! Looks like fun was had by all!!

  4. Bells says

    oh this was great. I just saw the photos on Flickr and asked what the snowman’s face was made out of. Now I know!

    Milk and bread? Toast and cups of tea, Jodi! Duh. I have a pathological fear of running out of both and so frequently have an excess. When all else fails, one can dine on tea and vegemite toast. Here at any rate.

  5. Bells says

    ps the weather here, in Canberra, is wonderful. It’s wet. Just like you not getting much snow, we don’t get much rain. It’s settled in for the weekend I think and it’s so good. There is wet stuff falling from the sky!! It’s a miracle!

  6. lona Couringotn says

    My guys are both snorting and blowing noses today but we have pictures! Snow pictures. And that is worth a few days in bed. Dalton knew he was too sick to go with boyscouts today on a fossil dig in a strip pit. But Darby was easily convinced to stay home and stay warm.

  7. Tamara says

    Looks like the boys had a blast…leave it to Jason to do something urologically inappropriate on an innocent snowman!!! Too funny! I’ll have to say that the sledding looks a little bumpy due to the breakthrough of ground between your “dusting”…heehee! We are finally seeing the ground again out here…it’s been months!!!

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