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I Quit!

I have had it. I spent a ridiculous amount on this lovely silk mohair with beads and sequins.


So when the first pattern proved a bit too ticky (i.e. I tried it three times and had to pick it all out each time). I decided to take a time out and regroup. I mean, I’ve blown a serious chunk out of my spring clothing budget, so churning out a garment is not optional. I then decided to make my own shrug pattern — knit a rectangle, crochet an edge then join the right top corner to the right bottom corner, left to left and Baddabing! Baddaboom! You have a shrug. Should be a no brainer, particularly if I pick a simple lace pattern, right?


Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Oh so very, very wrong. Going by stitch count (and the fact that row 11 has two stitches too many), I have apparently yarned over two times too many on row 9. But having “read” the row repeatedly, I still can’t find anything wrong. And after frogging the same 10 feet of ┬áthread about 5 times now, my latest plan is to teach the boys the fine art of drop kicks as we punt the THREE HORRIFICALLY EXPENSIVE (!!!) balls of yarn around the yard.

Actually, I’m going to push it to the darkest recesses of my yarn stash and try to forget about it for a while. Instead, I’m going to begin work on a top secret kid project. Although, I don’t know how top secret it’ll stay once I have to ask her to measure her oldest daughter for fit. Oh, well. At least the finished look will be a surprise. So when you read this, Tamara, call me with Sophia’s measurements. Okay?

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  1. amy says

    I hate mohair. Unequivocally. Not only is it beastly to frog, it makes me sneeze.

  2. Bells says

    wow Jodi you are a brave knitter! Heading for mohair and lace before you’ve really done much lace work? You know what, put it away until you’ve done more lace and feel more confident (making up your own pattern? Wow. Good for you!) – don’t waste it!!

  3. jodi says

    Amy — I’m with you!! I’m so sick of frogging and sneezing that putting this one on the back burner (or maybe straight into the fire) will be a huge relief.

    Bells — I should have come to the lace expert first. What’s a good starter fiber for lacework? You were so right about the sock pattern for Mom’s purple socks that I don’t think you can steer me wrong. And FYI, it’s less bravery than it is utter stupidity. ­čÖé

  4. Tamara says

    Whoo-hoo, I’m so excited!!! When I saw the “oldest daughter” comment I was just HOPING you were talking about mine!!! Will call you Sun…as I’ll need directions on what I’m supposed to be measuring…haha! Love ya! Boo your original project is not going as planned…But, YAY for us that you are taking a break from it for a top secret project!!!

  5. drk says

    finally, i manage to read and leave a comment. im with you on mohair, its hard work and fit to try the patience of a saint. but its worth trying again, maybe a simpler lace design for it, like the syrian shawl from VLT, that can handle the fuzz. and i know youre headed into spring, but if you werent i would recommend a DK weight shetland triangle a la brooklyntweed. dont give up!

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