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Today is the Greatest…

…day I’ve ever known. Or at least in the top 20 and I don’t mean that in a snarky Smashing Pumpkins kind of way (Did you fail to recognize the reference? Where were you in the 90s?). I sincerely had a rockin’ sort of day. Today was the boys’ Easter Egg Hunt at school. Sunshine and 75 degrees this morning. Who could ask for more? Went to lunch with my Mother-in-law, then we both went shopping for sandals because. Ta daaa!!!


Today was the first day the toes came out of their forced winter hibernation in closed-toe shoes. A lovely new pedi was de rigeur. Glorious! Then we picked up all the boys from school and spent the afternoon strolling around the zoo. How could it get any better? It couldn’t. Unless this…


was waiting in the mailbox. I was thrilled to find I’d won a contest over at and just received my gorgeous prize in the mail today — all the way from faraway Australia. It reeked of exotic shores and frequent flyer miles. Oh and large, tree-dwelling rodents.


And look at that! They’re possums! We’ve got plenty of those. Makes Australia seem almost like a neighbor — like Mississippi or Georgia. Maybe I should send her some stone-ground grits in return.

But I digress. Inside I found a host of surprises. Including a lovely card (we’re officially pen-pals now), a lip balm (one of my favorite goodies) and the most delicious skein of yarn you’ve ever seen.



Doesn’t that color just look like a juicy summer sorbet? Now I get to spend the next month puzzling over just what to turn it into. Sure it’s sock yarn and it would make a fair amount of sense to knit it up into a lovely pair of socks — which I may well do. But did Michelangelo look at that slab of marble and immediately say, “Yup…David.” I think not. I’m betting it was going to be a kitty or a dolphin at some point in the creative process. You just never know where the muse will take you.

But until I can come up with the perfect project, I’ll happily wear my strawberry flavored lip balm courtesy of Bells andΒ knitabulous yarn.


Thanks so much, Bells. You were the chocolate ganache on a fudgy chocolate cake of a day.

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  1. drk says

    i have been meaning to check out your blog for ages, since bells told me about you, and i arrive only to find that familiar postpak and that lovely aussie yarn! next time tho bells will have to send you some timtams! enjoy your sunshine, and your very neat looking feet πŸ™‚

  2. drk says

    oh duh, i just remembered i left a comment on your mohair post. but that was ages ago, and im like, old, so you know… how is that going by the way?

  3. jodi says

    drk — The mohair is currently on time-out in my stash closet. Maybe that will teach it a well-deserved lesson. I’m working on a lace project with cashmerino aran in the meantime. Much easier to “read” what I’ve done — or, more often, what I’ve done wrong. Once that’s off the needles, I’ll consider giving the mohair another chance. But it’s going to have to really suck up to me. Dinner and drinks at minimum. πŸ˜‰ And here’s a strange coincidence — I just noticed a box of tim tams at my local grocery last week. I almost bought them just because you Aussies do rave about them so, but I was feeling fat that day. Come to think of it, I’m still feeling fat but now I’m thinking, “What the hell? Why not throw in a box of Tim Tams as a chaser for all the Easter candy I’ve stolen from the boys’ baskets?” πŸ˜‰ Thanks for dropping by (again). I really appreciate your comments.

  4. catsmum says

    came over to visit you from Bellsknits.
    and btw our aussie possums aren’t rodents … no relation at all to American Opossums … ours are marsupials.

  5. jodi says

    Catsmum — I knew I should have paid more attention to that last episode of Go, Diego! Go! πŸ˜‰

  6. Jason says

    Actually North American opossums are indeed marsupials although not necessarily related to their Aussie counterpart (Sorry, my nerd urges are hard to resist)

  7. Kimmy says

    Those shoes make your feet look delish! I’m saying that in a non-lesbian, non-fetish way.

  8. jodi says

    Kimmy — Thank you dahlin’! I took a page out of your guide to shoes and hopped on the Born train. Nothing like a cute shoe that doubles as an orthotic. πŸ˜‰

  9. Bells says

    Oh this post has been so worth waiting for. Drk is right. Tim tams in the next package! I love that your husband is such a nerd! And I think ailsa will love that you compared her yarn to a slab of marble!

  10. knitabulous says

    So Michelangelo, looking forward to what you decide to do with the yarn. Don’t leave it half finished though, like those clowns did with the Parthenon.

    I think you might have to win another prize for the most gracious recipient of knitabulous lip balm ever! The next batch I think will be choc-mint, so I’ll have to sling Bells a spare so she can put it in with the TimTams next time!

    Cute post, feet, shoes, pout, sentiment – everything!

  11. jodi says

    Oh, Ailsa — you already had me with the gorgeous yarn and the lip balm. But to call me gracious on top of it? Well, a Southern Woman LIVES to be thought of as such. And if it nets me more delicious lip balm…BONUS! So glad you stopped by and I’ll be sure you get the word once your yarn is on the needles.

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