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Mystery Project Completed!

For you faithful few who read to the end of my fiasco post, you may remember I started an entirely different project to restore my faith in myself and my knitting abilities. A TOP SECRET project, in fact, intended for the oldest daughter of my BFF, Tamara. And until Sophia receives it and has her picture made in it, I can’t show you the finished result. It’s killing me. Kill. Ing. Me! Because it’s really, really awesome. Strangely, I think I’m proudest of the side seams because it’s my first time to mattress stitch anything together. So here, for your viewing pleasure are the side seams. Outside:


And in:


They’re not absolutely perfect because I had to do slightly fewer stitches on the second panel to get the length to match up with the first, but somehow it all came together fairly well and any easing that needed to be done happened under the arms so it’s fairly invisible. I’m thrilled with this project and actually had FUN with lace stitches. Miracles do happen. Now off to slog away at the MILES of stocking stitch required for the linen tunic I’m making myself for summer (Leisl by Julie Weisenberger for coco knits). Hopefully I won’t fall asleep mid stitch.

To keep it interesting (and because Will has been sick and has stayed in my lap literally the entire day) I let Will hold the right-hand needle and just guided it for him for a few stitches. I think I’m seeing real talent already. If I can just get the other boys to follow suit, I’m seriously considering opening my own sweatshop. Further updates as events warrant.

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  1. Kimmy says

    sweatshop: noun, word used outside the SEC for young, inexperienced work force. Inside SEC ( not securities and exchange commission) AKA vocational school. Maybe they can get their own HGTV show.

  2. drk says

    very nice seaming! the bane of my knitterly life, seams are. i hates em, but a good mattress stitch seam always makes me happy. great tunic pattern, cant wait to see how that turns out.

  3. Bells says

    Jodi you amaze me. Every time you post about knitting I think you’ve taken another leap! Love your seaming. And you know, i don’t think the sides ever match up 100%!

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