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Did you ever have a really great idea…

…that turned out to be way better in theory than in practice?


Me too! There’s a very good reason there are poems and stories lauding the feel of sand, water, and mud between your toes, but absolutely none about woolen sock yarn. It was worth it, though. Because now I have roughly 450 meters of gorgeousness that I plan to make up into this lovely bit of lace and wear proudly on every occasion that calls for something special.

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  1. amy says

    Pablo Neruda, Ode to My Socks. Not technically about the yarn, no, but I’m betting those handknit socks were knit from wool. 😉

  2. jodi says

    Amy — Did you have that one at the ready, or did you have to Google “Sock poems?” 😉

  3. jodi says

    And the yarn feels fabulous — as long as it’s not being dragged alongside my big toe over and over and over and over…450 meters is a LONG bit of string. 🙂

  4. Paige says

    …and your pedicure looks fabulous!

  5. Bells says

    oh great choice! Yeah go for it! You know I almost wound it up for you on the winder but then didn’t.

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