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Front Load Funk

O.k. — things have been bad enough with the “Never Ending Stomach Flu” the kids picked up, then kindly passed on to me (7 lbs. lost so far, but gained back 3 by drinking one Gatorade. Where’s the logic?). But to top it all off, after days and days of pukey kid sheets, my front load washer smells like something died inside it. Help!! Does anyone have a solution to this really, REALLY funky problem?

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  1. jennmoles says

    Baking soda, lots and lots of baking soda!! Run an empty cycle with baking soda instead of soap powder….

  2. jodi says

    Thanks, Jenn! I’ll go raid the cabinets now. 🙂

  3. Nicole Williamson says

    what about bleach 🙂 sorry to hear about all the sick kiddos.

  4. ashley says

    I had the repair man come out for that very reason. He said that the tubing that seals the door should be cleaned every other wash and replace every couple of years. He suggested using frozen orange juice (or something acidic like that) to loosen and remove the gunk. They now also make a cleaner for front loaders that is supposed to work the same way.

  5. Jen says

    If/when you get the funk out, *never* close the door when it’s not being used. Prop a towel or dirty piece of laundry in the crease of the door so air can keep circulating and the tub completely dries out.

  6. stacy says

    you can buy front loader cleaner tabs at wal mart or lowes. follow direction and do like she says – always leave it open when not in use. if it’s really bad, you can get the gasket replaced. someone in lp did that i think…

  7. Kate says

    All of the above. Also white vinegar in the rinse water helps clear out smells – and use hot water for the baking soda wash 🙂

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