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Two Words…

Shrimp. Grits.

Totally southern. Totally amazing, especially the incarnation I had tonight. Here’s a pretty good basic recipe.* But the ones I had at Chuck’s Fish (horrible name, but unbelievably good food) were elevated to a new level through the addition of fresh jalapenos instead of ground red pepper, a little pimiento, and probably substituting some heavy cream for 1/4 to 1/2  of the milk. I had to have the waitress take the plate and put the rest in a to go box before I embarrassed myself by face-planting in the dish. Jason and I both agreed that when faced with corn in any incarnation**, we’ll pretty much eat until we’re sick. That’s how you know you’re done.

*This one calls for coarsely ground cornmeal. Is that yankee speak for Stone Ground Grits? I dunno, but I’m telling you that’s what you want for this dish.

**With the exception of instant grits. These are an abomination and should be relegated to the pantries of starving college students where they’ll probably be served with Bacos stirred in.  Like most college experiences, we all acknowledge having done stuff like this once or twice, but we’re still pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.

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  1. Kimmy says

    I think Bacos are recycled bits of solo cups…..another thing college kids are familiar.

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