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Buddy System

So here it is in a nutshell…I can’t finish a darn thing. Seriously! You don’t even want to know how much I’ve started and not finished when it comes to my knitting projects. There’s a lonely sock around here somewhere waiting for me to produce a mate. There’s a Christmas present (or two or three) that just turned out to be SUCH a hassle that now it’s looking like a mid-summer surprise. The only reason I finished Corrie Beth’s Hat and Mitts is because her mom spilled the beans that I was making them, and CB started checking the mail religiously waiting for them to arrive. So of course, I had to pony up and actually follow through.

Which made me think perhaps a little more accountability might not be untoward. So here I am on my latest venture, a Maia Shoulderette, with my faithful knitting buddy Bells.

Here’s some in progress pics:



You can see the detail a bit better on the first, but the color is truer on the second. So far so good, although let’s not mention that I’ve knit about this far three times now. The first I forgot the beads altogether. The second, I decided the beads were too red and had to rip it all out. And now, I’m declaring the third time the charm as I refuse to rip back again. So there we have it.

Bells introduced me to the knitting bug that bit me. She introduced me to the magic that is a “swap” and now my first knit-along. Perfect continuity. I have no idea who this project will be for. I’m thinking it needs to be ready in time for the Bunco Christmas party, but whether I’ll wear it or gift it is still up in the air.

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  1. bells says

    as the pictures came up I was struck by a sense of how familiar it looked. There’s a good reason for that….! he he. We are twins! Love the beads. They work!

  2. Alette Siri Ane Thorsnes says

    This looks so nice .The beads will twinkle just right .

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