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Life With the Boys

“Mom!” Tom races to my side, stopping only when he slams into the arm of my chair. Still at full volume, despite being 3 inches from my face, he continues, “Mom! Jack is not sharing the DS!”

I hear a door slam across the house. “He’s shut his door,” Tom adds, belatedly.

“And he thlammed it!” Sam choruses.

Tom nods. “He slammed the door mom.”

I look up from my laptop. My characters have spent the last half hour switching allegiances, eras, races, gender… I sigh, maybe a break is just what I need.

I throw myself into DEFCON Level 3 negotiations for the Nintendo DS involving complicated algorithms that factor in time used, levels completed and cartridge switching rights. Once all parties are satisfied, or at least dissatisfied in equal measure, I turn back toward my computer.

“Hey, mom?” Will asks. Will hasn’t been a presence in the three way negotiation I’ve just completed, and I fervently pray we aren’t going to have to start a new series of arbitration.

“What is it babe?”

“In a lot of days, can we get a new baby?”

Points for the completely unexpected, but sorry big guy. That one’s non-negotiable.

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  1. Kate says

    Heh heh heh – we have had the baby question, and it has most definitely been No. More. Babies. Our family is perfectly fine the size it is. My body (and sanity) could not take any more.

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