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Well…that explains it: Planes

Tonight, Jason peeped into Jack’s room to see if he and Sam were settling in. Sam was out cold, but Jack was nowhere to be seen. Jason squinted into the semi-darkness and spotted a slight movement behind the curtains. He pulled them aside to find Jack peering out the window with his toy binoculars — a Barney phone pressed to his ear.

Jason: Son, why are you out of bed?

Jack (still watching the skies): I’m just callin’ the police to shoot down those fighter planes, Dad.

And now we know.

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  1. bells says

    YOu know, I feel so much better knowing that one of your bunch is on the lookout. We’ll all sleep better.

  2. Kim says

    Quick, like a bunny, tell him it’s his friend Davis in the fighter plane. JACK, THEY ARE ALLIED PLANES!!! DON”T SHOOT!

  3. jodi says

    Helen — He’s dedicated to keeping us all safe — and not sleeping, apparently.

    Kim — you need to come drop Davis off for a sleepover. He and Jack are kindred souls.

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