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Unfinished Business


Oh, Second Sock Syndrome…how you mock me! One foot cozily clothed in fabulosity while the other stands cold and bereft. Waiting. Waiting for me to run once again through the now familiar series of stitches that will create for it a perfect sole mate (heh, heh! That one just came to me y’all. A shockwave of brilliance! Try not to be too jealous).

O.k. enough with the purple prose. I suppose the sock is purple enough. For those of you keeping track, you know there’s only one person in the world worthy of receiving a set of purple socks from me. And you’ll probably also note this is roughly my umpteenth attempt. I abandoned the first yarn because all the patterns I tried it on annoyed me. Thanks to Bells for turning me onto this Lacy Mock Cable pattern. I am definitely in love, and it fits like a dream. Imagine being hugged by a sock. No seriously! It’s pretty great.

I’ve got the mate cast on and have made it past the band, but am beginning to bog down. I want to make a pair of fingerless gloves before it’s too warm to enjoy them. And I have this idea for a lacy shrug that may or may not work out for the mohair that I don’t want to use for that other project. (Why does mohair have to be so testy when you’re ripping out mistakes?)

As you can see, my mind is pretty much all over the place. I don’t seem to recall having ADD as a kid, but am definitely starting to embrace it in my old age.┬áIn fact it’s really interesting how…Ooh look! Something shiny. Gotta run!

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  1. Bells says

    but you’re too young as a knitter to be struck by SSS! I’m going to be stern with you now, young lady. Just get on with it. You’re so fast you’ll be there in no time. Sheesh. Just do it!

  2. Bells says

    ps looks fabulous!

  3. Tamara says

    I like them! You’re mother will be so proud and thrilled to wear them!

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