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Drunch Date

Many of you know that I named this blog as a joking nod to the wonder of “The Drinking Lunch.” But really, it’s less about imbibing than it is about spending time with those friends that make the leap from buddy status to being the sister or brother you would have chosen if given the chance (and if my actual sisters are reading this, of course I mean in addition to y’all).

Today the stars aligned so I could spend an a full hour and a half with my soul sister B, and I swear it did more for me than a week at the beach without kids — And y’all know I would not throw that out lightly as a week at the beach without kids is a nearly constant fantasy. B is one of those friends who, after patiently listening to me recount in blistering detail the latest stupid thing I did to publicly humiliate myself, will sympathize appropriately then say, “Well…this should make you feel better about yourself…” and proceed to relate  an equally cringe-worthy tale of good intentions on horribly, irrevocably wrong. That, people, is true friendship.

We swapped stories, laughed until diet coke spewed out our noses, and snarfed down a sickening amount of baked feta on toasted french bread (*wipes drool from chin*). I entered the building certain of only three things 1) that my house was a shambles 2) all four of my children would never willingly eat anything prepared by my two hands and 3) there was a strong likelihood that at least one of my children would one day reveal to his prison therapist how the trouble all began the day I made him wear the fish shirt to pre-school when he rightfully deserved the doggie shirt his brother got.*  But I  left feeling as if my reset button had been pressed and my mind was once again operating on its original factory settings.

As I write, the house is still a shambles. There’s a gigantic pile of kid clothes to be washed and another enormous basket in need of folding. And my list of projected errands for the week exceeds the number of hours the kids are in school. And you know what? I don’t care. Because I know I’m not alone. We’re all winging it and hoping that loving our children with all our heart and soul makes up for all those times when we don’t just drop the ball but forget to even go to the game.

Here’s wishing you a BFF just like B or Kimmy or Tamara or Jen or Tricia or Leslie or…

*Incidentally — All four kids loved their dinner. They were thrilled with the new Laurie Berkner CD I got them and happily danced themselves silly in their pjs. And fish-shirt boy? He chose my lap as the best spot for an hour long nap this afternoon and looked like the sweetest of all the angels in heaven — provided angels snore and sleep in knit caps with their names on them.

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  1. Bells says

    a soul sister is worth everything. Absolutely everything. I am fortunate to have a couple of them, blood relative or otherwise. I am so glad you are holding it together with the help of someone who just gets it.

  2. B says

    Awwwwwwww. I had such a good time!!! It is AMAZING what an hour with a BFF (soul sister separated at birth, albeit it 3 years apart), baked feta and diet coke will do for a girl!! I LOVE your reset button analogy. It’s EXACTLY how I felt too. I’ll surely be ready to “reset” again after spring break. Remember, my treat next time…….where are we headed and who else can join us????

  3. Tamara says

    B did for you what you did for me today and what you always do for me even though we see each other way too rarely!!! I LOVE YOU and completely relate to this post! I just hope I can return the favor one day, but as you know, my “issues” might always trump yours…so sorry!!!

  4. Kimmy says

    Kimmy was nauseated that she couldn’t join ya’ll. Work is seriously harshing my life. Too the soul sister comment: Like Patrick Swayze used to say….. ditto*. And nobody puts Baby( I mean Jodi) in a corner**.
    * Ghost movie reference
    **If I have to reference this one, you’re uncool and too young to relate to this blog.

  5. jodi says

    I would just like to reiterate how much I love my buds.

    B–We are on. Name the place and time.
    Tamara — right back at ya. And you’ve always shouldered your share of my problems, so don’t even THINK you have anything to apologize for.
    Kimmy — Loved the ditto. And agree that those too young to get that reference should probably be over at TMZ instead of here (although it’s perfectly o.k. for us ancients to surf over there when we need our celeb fix, right?). BTW, you are on notice that you HAVE to attend the next meeting of the minds following spring break. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.

    Helen — open invite to Drunch whenever you get the urge to cross half the earth for a sandwich and conversation (I promise to protect you from marauding bears if you swear you won’t bring any Huntsmen Spiders in your luggage).

  6. Bells says

    you have no idea how much I’d love to drop by for a sandwich.

    Do you want to know about the huntsman that ran out of Alice’s toybox when I was there the other day?

  7. jodi says

    NO!! I wholeheartedly do NOT want to hear about it. GAH!!

  8. angie mizzell says

    I have some girlfriends like that… and time with them is true therapy! DC coming out the nose… even better!

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