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Tonight, I took a bit of a break from this…
Beachcomber Shawl

The Beachcomber Shawl from Imagine Knits Designs that I’m making for my mom’s Christmas present. Never mind that we’re exchanging gifts in 5 short days and I still have to knit through two more skeins and roughly 20 more inches of shawl.

Instead, I want to show you some of the things that I’ve managed to get OFF the needles and into my pile of finished work that’s ripe and ready for gift giving.

My second project ever will forever be termed “The Muppet Shawl” thanks to the lovely Bells over at bellsknits.

I then made the leap over to working with linen thread. My first and probably LAST attempt at working with linen. I’ve lost count of how many times that wild and wiry stuff wiggled its way out of my fingers and off my needles. But at least it’s done and the pattern “Morning Brew” was and is a lovely one.


And then I attempted a pattern that is probably still my favorite to date — Feather and Fan — using sock yarn in two complementary colors.

I had such fun, I did it twice more. The stitch was varied in the one on the right by knitting one of the wrong side rows instead of purling them both.
Two Feather and Fans

Then there’s this delicious mohair/silk blend with a crocheted edge done in beaded and sequined yarn. This grape color is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t bring myself to leave the yarn in the store.

It has a moss-green and gold twin, but I don’t want to chance it’s recipient seeing it before the holidays. And finally, my one and only themed scarf using the colors of our beloved Auburn Tigers. The orange and blue of this zig-zagged chevron stitch inexplicably makes me think of Charlie Brown. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a particularly great football player either. *sigh* Hopefully, I haven’t jinxed the team forever.


Once I finish up my planned projects — and I’ve still got at least 4 more to finish before I can even THINK about starting something else — I’d like to attempt a real live garment. Something that isn’t essentially rectangular in nature. I’m thinking a nice A-line tunic I can wear with boots and leggings. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m all ears!

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  1. Tessa says

    Wow… you’ve been busy!! They all look great!! 🙂

  2. Bells says

    Jodi you are doing so great. I know how precious your knitting time is and so I’m very excited to see what you’ll knit in 2010!

    ps feather and fan is fun!

  3. Rose Red says

    Look at that parade of FO’s! Such a lot of knitting and fab colours and patterns. Nice!

  4. jodi says

    Bells, I have been having so much fun with my knitting. I’ve started giving away the finished work now, so that makes it even MORE fun. I’ve got a beautiful red lace/cable pattern that’s kind of a running vine that I hope to finish next week. I’ll have to put up a pic of the WIP. 🙂

  5. jodi says

    Thanks, Rose Red! Bells inspired me and now I seem to have come down with my OWN knitting obsession. Now I’m determined to design some patterns of my own, but don’t have a clue where to begin. I need some advice from the experts! (hint, hint)

  6. drk says

    I love your range of colours I am so boring and same same in comparison! Look forward to seeing what you design i am no help in that dept cos i can’t even follow patterns properly most of the time!

  7. jodi says

    drk — I’m in the same boat with the pattern following and practically came to blows with one of the employees at the shop I frequent over whether their was an error in one of their patterns or not ( I STILL say I’m right). So I figure if I design my own, I’ll have no one to blame but me. And as for the color palette, look a post or two down and see how I decorated for Christmas. Obviously, “demure” is not in my vocabulary. 😉 Thanks for your comment!

  8. Tamara says

    I LOVE them and am SO impressed that (a) you could even find the time and (b) that you could even find the time…Ha! My favorites are the black/cream, the purple w/ sequins (you know I love the glitz), and the 1st multi-colored one…great colors and designs! You are very talented. My new mantra when I THINK I’m busy will be to chant…”And what is Jodi doing…more than me”! Love you!

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